Rob sent in these pics after he caught his beautiful redhead girl friend (now ex-girlfriend) Dana watching porn with another dude. OUCH! SNAP! Now, that’s just something you can’t explain. “But honey, we were just studying oral sex on TV and the effects of blowjobs on society for sex ed class and……” blah blah blah – it doesn’t work!! Just the thought of watching porn with a chick you’re not supposed to be watching porn with is an instant boner! I don’t know what it does to girls (cause I love female masturbation) but it has to be sexy!

I don’t know what any of that’s all about, but who cares anyway?! Get a load of what he is missing out on! No porn girlfriend should have to be contained to a monogamous relationship like that! Shame on Rob!! He needs to let the sex flow through anywhere his girlfriend wants it to.

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