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Victor sent in these images of his hot blonde girlfriend that he shot while on set at an amateur nude shoot. This gorgeous gf is so infatuated with sex that she wanted to try out shooting a real porn video of their own. They went to talk to someone about it and ended up just getting it on right there! Then they shot another video for a website! You can check it out here


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Albert sent us these self shot pics of his current girlfriend, Leann. I say current… because she isn’t exactly aware that these pics are going on the internet. HA! She shot some hot naked photos for him to take on his family trip to Spain when she wasn’t able to go with him. But Albert loved them so much that he wanted to share his hot girlfriend with the rest of us.

So here is Albert’s future ex gf naked, hamming it up in the bathroom all innocent. With no idea that her sweet titties and ass are about to become a little bit famous.


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Gary wanted to show us his girlfriend porn that he’s so proud of! As a photographer, I don’t think he’s much of an artist, but his girlfriend certainly is a work of art! So here is Christina, in the freezing cold baring it all for Gary’s fantasy of being a hot photographer that shoots naked girlfriend pics! Er….well….she’s baring most most of it… I wish he would have gotten some better pussy pics, but beggars can’t be choosers. *Note to Gary: Pussy pics, man! Those are very important!* BUT I digress… Pic #8 ALMOST makes up for it – where she is pulling her sexy thong from the nether regions of her round, juicy ass! And pic 2, what’s up with that dude in the background!? Awkward!!


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